Executive Committee 2016



Designation Name, Japanese Education Details
President Yee Jenn En
Tokyo Institute of Technology, Electrical Engineering, 1997
Immediate Past President / Committee Member Tan Kay Guan
National Defence Academy, Civil Engineering, 1984
1st Vice President Loong Chee-Yuh
Tokyo Institute of Technology, E.E.E., 2001
2nd Vice President Chan Wei Siang
Osaka University, Information Engineering, 1995
Honorary Secretary Jimmy Ng Hon Yuen
Kyoto University, Electrical Engineering, 1974
Asst Honorary Secretary Shen Yue
Waseda University, International Liberal Arts, 2010
Honorary Treasurer Tan Ying
Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University, Social Science, 2012
Asst Honorary Treasurer Kong Jen Siang
Tokyo Institute of Technology, Intl. Devt. Engineering, 2001
Committee Member Ang Chwee Beng
Tokyo Institute of Technology, Mechanical Engineering, 1999
Committee Member Chan Yeok Kwan
Kyoto University, Economics, 1993
Committee Member Kyaw Paing
Nihon Fukushi University, Social & Information Sciences, 2007
Committee Member Dr Gordon Lim Poh Yam
Nagoya University, Biochemistry, 1992
Committee Member Maggie Lin Yu Fen
Rikkyo University, Tourism, 1998
Committee Member Ong Lay Lian
Waseda University, International Business, 1994
Committee Member Delvin Tan Tang Ko
Kyoto University, E.E.E., 1995
Committee Member Yap Meng Wah
University of Tokyo, E.E., 1997
Co-Opt Committee Member Yow Wei Meng
Waseda University, Theatre(Postgraduate Research), 1987
Honorary Auditor Wong Chee Choy
National Defence Academy, Mechanical Engineering, 1982
Honorary Auditor Fenny Suryanto
ShenShu University, Business Admin, 1987

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