Executive Committee 2009



Name, Japanese Education Details


Richard Chua Khing Seng
Tokyo Institute of Technology, Mechanical Engineering, 1982

Immediate Past President / Committee Member

Tan Jong Lek
Yokohama National University, Naval Architecture, 1982

1st Vice President

Tan Kay Guan
National Defence Academy, Civil Engineering, 1984

2nd Vice President

Lim King Boon
Tokyo Institute of Technology, Information Science, 1990

Honorary Secretary

Ong Hoon Hong
National Defence Academy, Computer Science, 1996

Asst Honorary Secretary

Khoo Hui Tiong
Nara Institute of Science & Technology, Info. Sci, 2003

Honorary Treasurer

Loong Chee-Yuh
Tokyo Institute of Technology, EE Engineering, 2001

Asst Honorary Treasurer

Toh Siew Kuan
Ochanomizu University, Education, 1993

Committee Member

Tan Tang Ko, Delvin
Kyoto University, EE Engineering, 1995

Committee Member

Yap Meng Wah
University of Tokyo, Electronic Engineering, 1997

Committee Member

Wong Fatt Quen, Steven
University of Tokyo, EE Engineering, 1995

Committee Member

Jimmy Ng Hon Yuen
Kyoto University, Electrical Engnr, 1974

Committee Member

Goh Wei Boon
Tsukuba University, Information Sci, 1995

Committee Member

Simon Ling Chin Hua
Obirin University, Economics, 1974

Committee Member

Neo Eng Chong
Kyoto University, Mechanical Engnr, 1998

Committee Member

Chai Ping Ting
Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, Language & Area Studies, 1995

Honorary Auditor

Wong Chee Choy
National Defense Academy, Mechanical Engnr, 1982

Honorary Auditor

Yee Jenn En
Tokyo Institute of Technology, EE Engineering, 1997

Rep to AIS

Delvin Tan, Toh Siew Kuan, Steven Wong, Khoo Hui Tiong


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